David Dolak is Senior Lecturer at Columbia College Chicago Science Mathematics Department. He has been an avid cyclist for over 30 years and logged thousands of miles of cross country bicycle touring and is one of C4’s founding members. A master craftsmen, Dave builds his own wheels and maintains his fleet of classic Schwinn Paramounts. When not teaching Dave is a luthier and hosts Columbia’s Acoustic Kitchen.

David Dolak
Artist-in-Residence, Science & Math
623 S. Wabash Room 200C
Phone: (312) 369-7920

David Morton is the Director of the Science Visualization Laboratory at Columbia College Chicago,Science Mathematics, Science Institute. He is a filmmaker and digital artist in chicago and has over 25 years of cycling experience. Dave is the second founding member of C4Cycling. He builds his own bicycles from the ground up and has commuted year round for over 10 years. He is also a level 3, U.S.A., Cycling Coach.

David Morton
Director, Science Visualization Lab, Science Institute
623 S. Wabash Room 600-O

Phone: (312) 369-7183

Marcelo Caplan is the Technology Director of Columbia College Science Mathematics, Science Institute,  and the third founding member to the association. He focuses on the suburban forest preserve trails and cooks a mean steak.

Marcelo Caplan
Technology Coordinator, Science Institute
623 S. Wabash Suite 200


Phone: (312) 369-7989